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Late July (4 days)* 8:00 - 4:30

7/27, 7/28, 7/29, 7/30

August (4 Saturdays)* 8:00 - 4:30

8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29

October (4 days) 8:00 - 4:30

10/16, 10/17, 10/18, 10/19

November (4 days) 8:00 - 4:30

11/21, 11/22, 11/23, 11/24

December (4 days) 8:00 - 4:30

12/19, 12/20, 12/21, 12/22

*This class is offered as a live interactive webinar.

This is a guided class, with the exact same requirements and interactions

as if the instructors and students were in the same room!

Complete Instruction Program - $450

30-hour Class


Permit Test


6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel driving lessons

with an experienced, certified and background-checked local instructor

I prefer to register for a Class + Permit Test only (no driving lessons) - $175


Permit Test


  • This is the written test to get a permit

  • A faster alternative to the DMV

  • Take the time you need, most people take about 20 minutes


Behind-the-wheel Instruction

$125 / 2h drive

  • Driving lessons with certified, background-checked local instructors

  • Parking lot, residential, Boulder, city, highway, and mountain

  • Intersections, strategies for blindspots, turns, and parking

  • Pre- and post- drives meetings with parents / guardians included


License Test


  • This is the driving test to get a license

  • 7 days a week

  • Low-stress license test on the road

  • The DMV doesn't provide this service




We  Longmont

Our local instructors know Longmont highways, city, and country roads. They know Colorado laws and safety, as well as the very specific Longmont-area weather and road conditions.

Longmont Driving School is locally owned and operated. We hire people from Longmont. We believe in investing in our community, friends and neighbors. We believe that making more local purchases requires less transportation, causing less sprawl, congestion, and pollution. Stronger local businesses also means a better local prosperity and a stronger tax base, resulting in better public services like schools, transportation, and emergency response for all of us.

We believe that a vibrant economy keeps Longmont unique and special. 


Jennifer Mallette

Lead instructor

For the past 17 years with the Saint Vrain Valley Driver Education program, Jennifer has been teaching people ages 14½ to 60 how to drive! From the classroom to the car, Jennifer has helped thousands of students master one of the most necessary skills a person can have.


Students from Longmont, Mead, Lyons, Niwot, Berthoud, Boulder, and Estes Park have benefited from her instruction. She has done behind-the-wheel training and testing in English, French, and American Sign Language. No matter what country you are from, how old you are, or how new you are to driving, Jennifer will help get you on the path to mastering the art of driving.

Wheels Turning
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Our Location​
235 Golden Rod Ct. Unit A
Longmont, CO 80501
From the DMV by car (6 minutes): Turn left on Main (287), turn right on 3rd Ave, turn right on Alpine, turn left on Weaver Park Road, turn left on Golden Rod Court.
From I-25: Enter Longmont on Highway 119, turn right on 3rd Ave, turn left on Alpine, turn left on Weaver Park Road, turn left on Golden Rod Court.
From the DMV by bus: Take the RTD 324 Northbound from Main & Jersey, transfer to the RTD 323 Eastbound, exit the bus at Alpine & 4th Ave, walk south on Alpine, turn left on Weaver Park Road, turn left on Golden Rod Court.
Our office is located at the end of the cul-de-sac on the left. The front door faces north.
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