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Longmont Driving School Parents Guide

The Colorado graduated licensing process takes students through the following steps:

  • Learning in class

  • Passing a written test

  • Receiving their permit

  • Practicing driving with their family and driving instructors

  • Getting tested on the road

  • Receiving their license

This guide aims to help parents navigate each step in the process.

Planning, as early as 6 months in advance, is required in order to avoid surprises and delays. At this time, all appointments with the DMV need to be made 1-3 months in advance. No walk-ins are currently accepted.

Here are the detailed steps of the Colorado driver education process, as of January 2023:

1- Pre-register your student at the DMV (online)

If the applicant doesn’t already have a State ID, a pre-registration number will be necessary to start an account at the DMV. It’s an online-only process, and will take about 10 minutes. It can be done any time before classes start.

2- Register for the 30-hour class (online)

We open our classes 3 to 6 months ahead of time. Try to time the class so it ends when your student is about 14 years and 11 months old. Paperwork expires after 180 days.

3- (OPTION 1) Take the permit test from home (online)

After the class ends, students can take a permit test online starting 1 month from turning 15.

3- (OPTION 2) Take the permit test with us (in person)

After the class ends, students can take a permit test at our school starting 1 month before turning 15.

3- (OPTION 3) Take the permit test at the DMV (in person)

(Select a city, then "Written Test") for when your student turns 15. If you choose to test at the DMV, your student will receive the permit in the same appointment (and you can skip Step 4 below).

In addition to studying the Colorado Driver Handbook, students often find it useful to take the Colorado DMV permit Practice Quiz. There's also an audio version of the entire Colorado Driver Handbook available.

4- Schedule a DMV appointment to get the permit

(Select a city, then "First Time CO DL/ID/Permit")

Choose a date/time to go get the student's permit at the DMV. Your student must be 15, has completed the class and a permit test.

Please note that a Social Security number is necessary to obtain a driving permit.

5- A year of driving practice

After getting the permit, a student can legally drive on public roads with their parent. Start in an empty parking lot to teach basic car control, then slowly progress to quiet streets. Document all drive hours, as the DMV will require students under the age of 18 to provide a written log of a minimum of 50 hours (10 at night).

Keep in mind that to receive the license before age 16½, six hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons with a Driving School instructor are mandatory. We recommend that the 3 driving lessons be spread across the entire year of the learning permit:

- Lesson #1 after 4-5 hours of driving practice in an empty parking lot

- Lesson #2 after 25-30 hours of practice, because we would drive mountains and highway

- Lesson #3 after most/all hours of practice have been completed (50), because we would drive to Boulder, but also because the instructor could then make sure the student is ready for the license test.

6- Take the license test

At least 12 months after the permit’s date of issue, schedule a license test (drive test) with us. The DMV doesn’t currently provide this service. We test 7 days a week. See our Guide to a successful Drive Test for our best recommendations on how to pass the License Test with flying colors.

7- (OPTION 1) Schedule a DMV appointment to get the license

(Select a city, then "First Time CO DL/ID/Permit")

Schedule your student’s license appointment at the DMV for a few days after the scheduled license test. This will allow for the eventualities of an unsuccessful first test, or inclement weather. Do this 1-3 months in advance.

7- (OPTION 2) Upgrade from a permit to a license online

("Driver/ID Services", then "Upgrade from a permit to a license")

Students under 18 will need to upload their drive time log sheet. The DMV will then process the request within 1-2 business days. If you have set up your Digital ID before the request, your Digital ID will convert to a license as soon as the request is approved. The digital app MyColorado is required on the student’s phone as proof of license until the physical license arrives in the mail (7-10 days later).

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