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Use the RoadReady app to track your driving experience!

The RoadReady app provides teens and parents with an automated way to log the 50 hours of required supervised driving time. At Longmont Driving School, we can also track the student's progress along with you! Just follow these easy steps

  1. Download the RoadReady app (iOS or Android)

  2. Create an account (you will receive a "Welcome to RoadReady!" email)

  3. Enter our school enrollment code: longmontds

  4. Drive safely!

"Studies have proven that the more time parents and guardians spend with their teen behind the wheel, the safer the teen is when they drive independently. Use this app to track your time, learn safe driving practices, track driving conditions, view driving summaries, download your driving log, know your goals, receive parental pointers, reach your goals, identify areas of improvement, and track your teen's progress." -RoadReady

More information:

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program (a resource for parents and guardians)



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