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Welcome to Longmont Driving School!

My name is Jennifer Mallette, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to our new driving school! Many Longmont families already know me, as I have worked for 18 years with the Saint Vrain Valley Driver Education Program. I have worn many hats: French teacher at Silver Creek since it opened in 2001, driving class instructor, behind-the-wheel instructor, and State-certified drive tester. With the district program having ceased its operation last year, I realized how important to me it is to continue helping Longmont teenagers to drive in a safe and responsible manner, so I have opened the best driving school I could imagine.

How can a driving school be the best?

  1. Full-day classes offered during the week or weekends, year-round.

  2. Schedule / Reschedule / Pay / Cancel online. Phone help is also available.

  3. The latest edition of AAA's How to Drive is used, as well as the current Colorado Driver Handbook.

  4. Large and bright classroom with a high ceiling and a 16-foot wide projection wall.

  5. Supplement the 30-hour State-approved curriculum with guest speakers in the field of driving: whenever possible, an officer from the Longmont Police Department discusses impaired and distracted driving, Gina Curley and Hugh Curley from the Gold Wing Road Riders Association presents about motorcycle awareness and safety, and Jennifer Bray presents about car insurance.

  6. Experienced, certified, and background-checked local instructors. All of our instructors have worked in the field of education for years. They know how to work with students both inside and outside of a classroom.

  7. Low-stress license test with an instructor you already know and trust.

Here's the basic student age information:

  • 14½ and up - Classroom instruction - the certificate of completion is valid for 180 days.

  • 14 years 11 months - Permit test - we administer it to our students at no additional charge.

  • 15 - the DMV issues a Permit (if you have received a certificate of completion).

  • Before 16½ - 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a certified instructor, as part of 50 hours of driving experience with a parent/guardian.

  • A year after the Permit's date of issue - the student can apply for a Drivers License Test.

Thank you for choosing Longmont Driving School! We are honored that you have chosen us to educate your student. Please let us know what you may need!

Need more information? Consult our Parents Guide.

Jennifer Mallette

Longmont Driving School - Our two cars in front of our location



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