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About the 30-Hour Classroom Instruction

Some information about the Longmont Driving School 30-hour Classroom Instruction:

  • You must pre-register at the DMV online.

  • The email address that you will provide to the DMV online for pre-registration is the same one that will receive the confirmation of class completion and permit test completion (if applicable).

  • Successful completion of the class requires 30 hours of instruction (1800 minutes). Breaks, late arrival, and/or early departure will impact that total number of minutes and will have to be fulfilled in another class before a certificate of completion can be issued.

  • Longmont Driving School will indicate the completion of the class in the student file. The certificate of completion is valid for 180 days. When the student becomes 15 years old s/he becomes eligible for a driver's education permit.

  • After the full 30-hour class is completed, if the student is at least within 30 days of being 15, a permit test can be taken.

  • About a month before the student’s 15th birthday, schedule an appointment at the DMV to apply for a driver's education permit.

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