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About the 6-Hour Behind-the-wheel Instruction

Some information about the Longmont Driving School 6-hour Behind-the-wheel Instruction:

  • Per State Statute, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training is mandatory if you are under age 16½ at the time of applying for your driver license (Statute 42-2-104).

  • Make sure to bring your instruction permit to your driving appointment. Your permit will be validated with the DMV in DRIVES.

  • Our experienced instructors offer 1-on-1 instruction perfectly adapted to the needs of any student.

  • Pre- and post-drives meetings with parents/guardians are included, as well as student paperwork reflection covering skills to improve in the future. Both are separate from the full 120 minutes of instruction time.

  • Students will be reminded of the appropriate time for taking a drive test with Longmont Driving School in order to obtain a driver's license.

  • When scheduling your drive, please specify the desired drive focus:

  1. Student Drive 1 (car info, car control, blindspot, cone avoidance, residential/city driving, parking strategies, and more depending on the student skill set)

  2. Student Drive 2 (car control, blindspot, intersections, highways 119 and 36 to Pinewood Springs, one-way streets, higher traffic situations, and more depending on the student skill set)

  3. Student Drive 3 (Pearl street in Boulder, blindspot, larger intersections, entering and exiting I-25, higher speed control, highways 119 and 36, making sure the student is ready for the driving test, and more depending on the student skill set)

  4. Preparation for a license test

  5. Adult Learner Drive (depending on the skill set and needs)

  6. Senior Refresher Drive (depending on the skill set and needs)

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